We Are The
High Protein
Raw Cold Pressed Juice!

This Global patent pending revolutionary protein juice is not like any other cold pressed juice on the market today!

It’s Not Just A Juice…
It’s A MEAL!


Patent Pending

Not All Juices Are Created Equal!!

Our cold pressed juices are infused with raw plant based protein, super-foods and essential fatty acids to create a complete balanced meal. These blends of protein, essential fats and complex carbohydrates delivers everything the body requires for fat loss and lean muscle growth as well as overall health and vitality.


What makes our product unique is the high protein content contained within the PressedPlus protein juices and as it is in a liquid form, it is very easy for the body to digest, requiring less energy to receive the nutrients for ultimate cellular rejuvenation. This is not a synthetic or processed product, but revolutionary whole food based nutrition as nature intended to help you GET FIT FROM WITHIN!

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